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EuroCarb 17 aims to introduce the latest and emerging trends in all aspects of chemistry, biochemistry, biology, technology and medical applications of carbohydrates.

We welcome contributions for oral and poster presentations, and  especially encourage young researchers from academia and industry to join and present their work. The scientific committee will leave open slots to be assigned to young scientists. We invite you to take this opportunity to contribute to and benefit from a highly stimulating international scientific meeting.

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The official language of EuroCarb17 is English.

Abstract Submission Information

  • Contributed abstracts may be submitted for poster or oral presentations.
  • Abstracts must be submitted in English using the online Abstract Submission Link below.
  • Notifications on the status of submitted abstracts will be sent to the presenting author by March 18, 2013
  • Registration of the presenting author is mandatory. In order to ensure inclusion in the final program and in the symposium publications, the presenting author is required to register by
    April 22, 2013 – the early registration deadline. 
  • Accepted abstracts will be published on the conference website.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Before you start the abstract submission process, please read and prepare all necessary information detailed below.
The on-line Abstract Submission Form includes the following parts:

Presenting author and co-authors

  • The name of the presenting author will automatically appear as the first author.
  • Insert the names of the additional authors in the order that they should appear in the abstract. You will be able to change the order of the presenting author, if needed.
  • Use full first name and last name of all authors. 

Affiliation/s (Institution/s)

  • Insert institution details and check the box/es of author/s associated to that institution. Fields include: Affiliation (Institution), Department, City (State, if applicable) and Country.
  • Make a separate entry for each institution. Do not repeat identical institution details if they apply to more than one author.
  • Text should be in Upper and Lower Case. 
  • Do not abbreviate Department, Institute, University, etc. 
  • In the department field, also include the words “Department of….” If relevant, as only the words you insert will show on the abstract.  
Presentation type
Select from:
  • Oral presentation (15 minutes including discussion) 
  • Poster presentation
  • Invited lecture – should be selected by invited and plenary speakers only.
    (duration of invited lecture - 30 minutes including discusssion)
Select from the list of topics below the topic which best describes your abstract. 
1.   Glycochemistry and biochemistry (Chemical, enzymatic and chemo-enzymatic methodologies for the synthesis of glycoconjugates; mechanisms and structure-function relationships of carbohydrate modifying enzymes)
2. Methods for carbohydrate structural analysis (Identification and characterization of natural oligo and polysaccharides)
3. Glycobiology (The role and function of carbohydrates in biological systems, glycomics, systems glycobiology, and bioinformatics)
4. Glycomedicine (Carbohydrates in health and medicine: Carbohydrate-based drug targets, Carbohydrate-based vaccines and drugs, the role of carbohydrates in pathogenesis and disease)
5. Glycobiotechnology (Bio-fuels, carbohydrate-based materials and nanomaterials, carbohydrates in food technology)

Abstract Title

Limited to 25 words. Use CAPITAL LETTERS.
Abstract body
  • Abstract body: limited to 300 words including references (fewer if a figure/table is included). Please make sure that the printed area of your abstract including figures will fit a rectangle of: 13cm (5.2”) wide and 21cm (8.4”) high. Font: Times Roman 12.    
  • Copy & paste your abstract into the abstract area or type it in directly.
  • Images, tables etc.: In black & white only,  must be saved and uploaded as JPG, GIF, TIF or PNG. 
  • Most important: Proofread your abstract and insert/format special characters which were not saved in the copy & paste process. You should then click “Submit”.
Submission Acknowledgement
After you click "Submit”, a system “End Message” will indicate that the abstract was successfully submitted.
You will then be able to “Preview” your abstract and use the update link to revise it, if needed.  Click SUBMIT again.

E-mail Acknowledgement & Abstract Number
Shortly after submitting your abstract, you will receive by e-mail an automatic detailed submission acknowledgement with your abstract number and a link to access your abstract (should you need to revise it).

System Information

The abstract submission system is designed to run on many internet browsers, but we recommend that you use the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (v.8.0), Google Chrome 5, or Firefox (v3.6 or better). Do not use safari.

On-Line Abstract Submission Form

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Carbohydrate Research from Elsevier

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small_ism.jpg                                                                             Israel Society for Microbiology


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Tel Aviv University

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

The Israel Chemical Society

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Grace Discovery Sciences

small_teva logo gray.jpgTeva Pharmaceutical Industries LTD.

small_tzamal-dchem_logo.png                                                                   Tzamal D-Chem Laboratories Ltd.


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European Polysaccharide Network of Excellence (EPNOE)

Schulich - Faculty of Chemistry
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology



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                                                    Syntezza Bioscience Ltd.







Plenary Speakers

Geert-Jan Boons

Complex Carbohydrate Research Center
Athens, GA, USA


Bernard Henrissat
CNRS and Aix-Marseille University
Marseille, France

Thomas Peters

University of Luebeck
Luebeck, Germany

Cristina Nativi

University of  Florence
Firenze, Italy

Chi-Huey Wong
Academia Sinica
Taipei, Taiwan

Paul Kosma
University of  Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences
Wien, Austria

Valentin Wittmann
Universitaet Konstanz
Konstanz, Germany

Yuval Shoham
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa, Israel

Antoni Planas
IQS, Universitat Ramon Llull, 
Barcelona, Spain 

Xi Chen

University of California-Davis
      Davis, CA, USA


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